18 January 2011

We have been having some problems with the thaw, as we are sure many people have – we had water getting into the Newburgh shop from the drain outside and also water coming into the barn from the overflowing duck pond. Thankfully it has all calmed down now. Talking of floods, you may remember a Whinnybank kitten fosterer called Charmaine who returned to her homeland of Australia a couple of years ago – she lives in Brisbane, luckily on high ground and avoiding the worst of the floods, and is keeping up her good work out there by fostering 3 puppies who had to be moved when the floods closed the local RSPCA. Hopefully that is the worst of the floods over!!

Fundraising is very slow at this time of year – we tried a car boot sale last Sunday at Errol but only managed to raise enough to cover the costs of the table and our diesel. Roll on the spring!! Thanks this week go to Lyn Flanders for finding a home for one of our cats in Blairgowrie.