04 January 2011

At our last book sale in Dundee on 22 Dec we raised nearly £300 – just as well as this was our only recent fundraising event thanks to the weather conditions.

Sue sends many thanks to everyone who sent a Christmas donation – thanks to our faithful supporters we received £300 plus donations of cat food. Thanks also go to Robert and Nancy Rankin of Glenrothes for filling up a collection tin in their house with £25 in spare change. Donations were a little down on last year but that was probably due to the awful weather. The animals at the Sanctuary are a bit happier and work a little less hard since the weather has improved.

We have sadly lost a few fish from our pond but the hens are in good spirits and have started to lay the occasional egg. Apologies for the increase in price of peanuts in our shops to £1.40 a kilo – this is due to rising costs and a shortage of supplies – however, we are still the cheapest around!!