30 November 2010

We had a great book sale in Dundee last Friday, with donations as well as sales we raised £380. We were looking forward to doing it again on Saturday but unfortunately couldn’t get the transit van out.
One of our helpers, Claire, usually brings cat food and two cooked chickens each Sunday but she couldn’t make it this week because of the snow. Towser, a Perth railway kitten from 12 years ago, is a very smart cat who knows when it is a Sunday and he made it very clear he was missing her – he kept checking to see if her car had arrived!

We rarely see the gritter or snow plough up at Whinnybank so we are stuck in this kind of weather. Is there a kind person out there with a 4×4 car and a little spare time who could come to our rescue if we need to take a sick cat to the vets in Newburgh, or buy cat food, while the roads are unsuitable for our own aged vehicles? If you can help, please call Sue.

Special thanks go to Sarah Wallder for the £120 she raised by selling catnip mice etc.