17 September 2010

We had a good day at our Newburgh shop last Saturday, taking £107, and at the Tayport car boot sale on Sunday we sold mostly plums and some bric-a-brac and raised £200. We are trying to find new ways of raising much-needed funds in these hard times. Ingrid of Newburgh has kindly designed a calendar for Whinnybank – it features cats that are residents at the sanctuary, including Sasquatch, a gorgeous boy with 7 toes on each paw!!
(A cat with extra toes is known as a polydactyl cat). We can’t afford to order a huge stock so we will put one in each of our shops and one in the vets in Newburgh and we will have them printed to order. They would make a fantastic Christmas present for any cat lover!

Thanks this week go to kitten fosterer Linda for her donation of £25 in loose change and 30+ sachets of cat food. She buys cat food on special offer whenever she sees it and donates it to Sue every 6 months. If anyone else would like to donate cat food, we prefer to use pouches in jelly as, with 300 cats to feed, we find it cleaner and easier to use.