17 August 2010

Sue has a new feral job in Crief, which she started this week. The cat food she put down at Cupar Silo hasn’t been touched so she is starting to think that what had been spotted could have been a cat carrying a baby rabbit rather than a kitten. She will investigate further.

Because it is holiday season we are finding it hard to find homes for cats – and, of course, in these hard economic times, more and more cats are being handed in (or are waiting to come in). Talking to other local rescues, it seems they are all in the same position as us with a third more cats to find homes for.

We had a great weekend at the Muchty Festival and raised £680. Many thanks go to all who helped, and well done to the organisers. Our next fundraising event is a book sale on Fri 27 Aug in the Murraygate in Dundee.

Thanks this week also go to Louise from P.A.D.S. (Perthshire abandoned dogs society) who has been passing on the cat food that folk mistakenly handed in to them thinking they help cats – which they now do, albeit in an indirect way.