13 August 2010

Sue and her Grandson went to Errol car boot sale on Sunday – they only raised £55 so wished they had gone to the new one in Perth instead!! The
Muchty Festival has been quiet up to now (as of Tuesday) but we are looking forward to a busy final weekend. Sue has a guest arriving with lots of
perennial plants, which we will sell for her on a commission basis. We always appreciate donations of plants as they sell well in our shops so if
you have any excess we will gladly take them off your hands.

Sue called in at the Silo at Cupar Trading Estate to set up a feeding point for the feral cats there. After some time monitoring this she will trap the
one un-neutered female once her kittens have been located – they can hide them in some very unexpected places!

Many thanks this week go to all the kind people who have donated rhubarb and soft fruit for our jam making.