23 July 2010

Kitten season is now in full swing! Sue & Lisa trapped a feral mum and her 4 kittens in Perth this week – it took 3 days with an extra long session until
midnight on the third day. Sue was worn out but still had to sort and freeze strawberries for jam making when she got in otherwise they would have been
wasted. As kitten season and the soft fruit season always coincide Sue has to work particularly long days at this time of year!

Sue received a call from the owners of an old Rotweiller last week asking her to put him to sleep and dispose of the body. Although Whinnybank does
help families in need we simply didn’t have the £200 needed so, knowing the dog was dying, she phoned the SSPCA who promised they would look into it and end the dog’s suffering if that was what was needed.

Loyal Whinnybank supporter Francis Rennie of Auchtermuchty recently twisted her ankle – we would all like to wish her a speedy recovery. As always, we
are in need of carrier bags so if you have any knocking about we can put them to good use.