02 July 2010

The 4 kittens & pregnant mum that were rescued from the barn with the bulls are being cared for by new fosterers Julie & Jim from Kinross  they have opened their hearts (and their house) to these rescued ferals as well as another feral mum and her 3 kittens!! Sue is so grateful to them for their dedication and for providing a place of safety for these little creatures who would have had a terrible life otherwise.

Lisa has come up with a brainwave

 one Saturday a month we are going to have a cake-selling day in the Newburgh shop! We are looking for bakers who would be willing to donate some time  ingredients can be provided. We’ll have to organise it for a weekend when it is Tayport the next day so we can sell any leftovers there.Sue did Perth car boot sale last Sunday

 she raised only £70 but at least the weather stayed fine until she got home!