15 June 2010

We opened our Muchty shop on Saturday to coincide with the Muchty Mercat it wasn’t a brilliant day as we only took £49 whilst in the Newburgh shop,
which opens every Saturday, we raised £163. Special thanks go to all our Newburgh volunteers as, thanks to all their hard work, the Newburgh shop is
blossoming. Sunday was wet so it gave Sue a chance to get lots of jobs done, including making strawberry jam and cleaning out the guinea pigs.

Sue is getting 150 duvets from St Andrews University – we can use some but not all of them so is there a charity out there who would be able to put
them to good use? Last time the University donated duvets Sue gave a load to Greyhound Rescue.

Tiger, who many people know from our Muchty shop, is now a full time resident with Muchty volunteer Moira – we miss him at the shop but are happy
that he has a full time home and we don‘t need to worry about him on the road any more!