08 June 2010

Sue and Lisa gave the Cowdenbeath car boot sale a try last Thursday – they raised £85 and will give it another go on another dry Thursday. Despite the
weather being so unreliable, Sue took the plunge and also did Tayport cat boot sale on Sunday – she raised £168 despite there being fewer buyers than
usual. We will be opening our Muchty shop on Saturday (tomorrow) 10am – 1pm to coincide with the Muchty Mercat – here’s hoping for good weather!!

Thanks this week go to Bob from the violin shop in Falkland for £25 from the collection box; and Sarah Walder, who lives down south, who continues to
support Whinnybank with donations of food and other items. We would also like to thank her for thinking of us when a rescue centre local to her
closed and handed over all their traps and cages – the traps, cages, hospital cage, disinfectant and other items have all been gratefully received and will be put to good use at Whinnybank!