28 May 2010

After the promise of good weather Tayport car boot sale ended up being a washout with torrential rain! Sue had already loaded the van up and got as
far as the Dundee road then changed her plan, heading to Kinross market instead. She had loads of freshly picked rhubarb & planters (kindly donated
by Marjorie of Kingskettle) and selling these helped to raise £140. Sue & Kevin are going to give Cowdenbeath car boot sale a try this Thursday –
we’ll let you know how it goes. Hopefully the weather will stay good now for our book sale in Dundee on Friday (today).

Sue has started a feral job at a farm in Lundin Links where there are 7 cats and 2 litters of kittens. While she was there a rogue tom cat visited the
colony which set all the cats into a huge panic and Sue witnessed behaviour that she had never seen before, even with all her experience. All the colony
members were going frantic to get the kittens to safety – this is not unusual for the mother cats but Sue had never before seen a whole group
working together like meerkats! She will return to the colony soon with a roast chicken to hopefully trap the rogue tom cat.