02 February 2010

Sue was called out to Errol last week to attend to a feral cat with an ear injury that was neutered 10 yrs ago – she went armed with tablets, which
were left with a kind person who will administer them. A donation of diesel for the van was most welcome!!

There is good news for Spooky, a big fluffy black cat who had been at the sanctuary for over 7 months. A lady asked for a cat who had been difficult to home and Spooky fitted the bill perfectly.

He has settled in very well and is full of purrs – it is amazing as he has never settled anywhere else!!

We have 9 cats coming over from Ireland next week – & also a 2-year old white cat called Rupert, who is coming to us from another sanctuary. He had been terribly abused and they were finding it hard to find a home for him so they took a Whinnybank cat to home in his place. We’ll see how he gets on -with space & peace he may come on leaps and bounds in which case he will be up for homing in the future, if not he will live at Whinnybank.

Kitten fosterer Catherine from Ladybank is not well and unable to foster kittens at the moment – we hope she will be on the mend soon. The 2 kittens she was looking after have gone to our new fosterer George from Perth – a big welcome to the fostering team! Many thanks this week go to all the kind people who have handed in food to the Newburgh shop in the past week.