02 December 2009

The cats from Ireland arrived last Wednesday after a nightmare journey in the wind & rain – it was a long day by the time they had all been dropped off at fosterers.
On Monday Sue went to Pitlochry to trap a new feral tom who had been bullying the rest of the colony – the Pitlochry vets will neuter him and return him to the colony.
Rupert, the cat who disappears from the Sanctuary for months at a time, returned on Sunday in brilliant condition. He looked so good that Sue wonders if he has another home somewhere else – if you have a large tabby and white male cat aged about 12 years who disappears every so often it could be Rupert!

The book sale in Dundee last Friday went well, raising £180. Sue is hoping to do a car boot sale this weekend to raise more funds.
Linda Naismith is holding a Christmas gift sale at her studio in Wester Balgarvie by Cupar to raise funds for  Whinnybank – she is hoping to repeat the success of The Cat’s Whiskers shop in Cupar to raise as much as possible for the cats!

Kitten fosterer Linda and all the fosterers have done a great job in homing kittens but our adult cats are sticking a bit – maybe you would like to offer a home to one?