13 November 2009

Our last book sale in Dundee, with Lisa helping Sue, raised £175 even though
it rained. A lot of people are showing interest in our Sanctuary and our
regular book sales are resulting in people interested in volunteering for
us. The next book sale is the last Friday of November.


Helper Sheila and Sue went to Errol car boot sale on Sunday but ended up
with only £75 – we have to ask ourselves if it is really worth all the work!
The thrift shop in Leven was very quiet and disappointing  - once rent etc
had been taken off we ended up with a paltry £150 for a whole week’s work!!
Myers Castle in Muchty is sadly closing for business on 17 November – it
will be up for sale so all the workers have lost their jobs and the minimum
earnings Sue earned as a helper will be missed by the cats (as well as the
scraps from the kitchen!) Many thanks go to everyone for their support
through these hard times.


Kittens are still coming into the Sanctuary, which at least still gives us a
bit of income but, like many people just now, we are struggling to cover our
costs. We have been receiving lots of older cats recently - which Sue puts
down to the other Sanctuaries refusing them as medical bills etc need to be
covered and they are not easy to home – taking three times as long as
younger cats. Sue picked up 200 blankets from the University of St Andrews –
she donated half of them to Greyhound Rescue.